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The FreebiePop Network of Sites

Terms of Service

Upon registering for this web site you acknowledge that you fully agree to these terms and conditions and that you accept the privacy policy. We reserve the right to modify the terms at any time.

I. Membership

A. All information provided upon registration must be 100% accurate and must be updated if it changes at any time. Providing inaccurate or false information will result in a users account being placed on hold.

B. Users must reside in the United States or Canada.

C. Users must sign up with their home mailing address (not a work address or P.O. Box address).

D. Users must be at least eighteen years of age in order to register for an account.

E. Users may not register from a public area such as a college campus or library.

F. Users may not register or access their accounts via a proxy, which includes ISPs such as AOL.

G. Only one account is allowed per user. Accounts that share the same IP address will be considered duplicate accounts and will be placed on hold.

H. Only one account is allowed per household and/or shipping address. Accounts that share the same shipping address will be considered duplicate accounts and will be placed on hold.

I. The process of "walking" another user through the process of completing offers is prohibited.

J. Users may be placed on hold for any suspicious activity here or on other freebie sites or forums.

K. Users will be placed on hold for violation of any of the terms of this web site.

L. Accounts may be placed on hold, suspended or closed at any time, for any reason, based on the sole discretion of

M. Upon registering for this web site you agree to hold harmless and its employees from any damages, liabilities, expenses, or legal claims that may result from the use of this website.

II. Completion of Offers

A. Completing an offer more then once, on any site, is considered fraud. Users will only receive credit for completing an offer one time.

B. There is no guarantee that users will receive credit for offers. We reserve the right to refuse credit for offers for any reason, including provision of fraudulent or incomplete information.

C. Users should only complete offers they are interested in. Completing offers for the sole purpose of receiving a reward or gift is considered fraud.

D. Users are responsible for reading the terms and conditions of each offer. We are not accountable for the terms of third party web sites or the information that users enter on them.

C. Crediting times vary for each offer. We are not responsible for delays in credits or failure to receive credits.

III. Orders

A. We take appropriate measures to ensure that users receive payments and/or rewards within a reasonable amount of time, however, we can only do so when paid by our advertisers.

B. Users must be PayPal Verified in order to receive payments.

C. Rewards are shipped to the mailing address provided by users upon registration. It is up the individual user to make sure that the shipping address provided is correct.

D. We are not responsible for any shipments that are lost due to inaccurate shipping information, mis-delivery or theft.

E. Users who receive more than $600 in payments and/or rewards from are required to submit a W-9 or W-8 form in accordance with federal laws. Forms may be downloaded in PDF form from We reserve the right to withhold payments and/or rewards until we receive such information from users who will exceed $600 in payments and/or rewards with their next order.

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